I’m An Angel 👼 For My Brother 🕴| Short Story ✍| Fiction + Slice of Life = Unique Combo 👣| Reviews Awaited ✌

Blessed are those who could see Angels! And so was my Brother, Thesis……

Angel’s work from heaven is to awake the soul dipped into the dead body,once alive, of a human being and give them a lift to heaven or maybe hell too?

Thesis always longed to have a big sister! But being a first child in my family, he has to be elder one. Up till now, I’ve always been hearing stories of my granny, which she told to Thesis and he to me. It’s all about being true to ourselves, our parents and God. But this is my story, as he says,“My Small Angel’s Story” aka me!!!!

Brotherrrrrrr!!!!! This is for the last time!! Please!”, I begged in front of him with my most innocent puppy face.

What? No not again, Syusai! I’ve already told you this for two times in one day! Not again”, he said with a mixture of pity and anger both!

Okay! I give up on my part of chocolate ball, which mum is baking! Now?”,I said rolling my eyes to where mom was baking and back again to thesis’s face.“Now? Now,Now,Now, Please?”

After completely 4 minutes of thinking he decided to tell me, thrice again! Yo!!!! I won 😉

Okay! So!!! This little Syusai”,he started saying; keeping his soft hands on my head with a smiley face.“was just 8 months old in her mother’s womb!

Womb? But you said I was in mommy’s tummy?”,I said with narrowing my eyes!

That’s same, Lil maddo!”,he then said with a small laugh on my foolishness!

Okay! Now don’t disturb!”,he commanded! “so, mom, dad, you (8 month old,yet unseen to world) and I were traveling to Wimardin(Heaven on Earth, basically a temple) as to pay a last visit to God before you born, to be blessed and stay happy! But granny wasn’t well so she was unable to join us! So, she stayed at home!

On our return from journey, it was at some 9:50 pm at night and by mistake mom engulfs peanuts from Wimardin’s famous sweet, from which she, and now you also, is allergic.

It was dark and raining outside,on top of that,mom already started choking! I and dad were scared to death!!!! To our concern, driver said that to catch up with any hospital it would take more 8-10 minutes, and that just made the situation worse!

As we reached a small hospital near Wimardin we say group of young boys learning medical but lacking expirements! As we cross by them we saw a doctor and informed about the situation. You won’t believe,Syusai, Dad himself checked mom’s pulses!

We were dumb, struck, frozen by getting no response! Doctor rejected to check up also as it was already a shut case!! Dad pleaded like that was an end! In one blink he lost like everything!

I was just staring at you, bump on mommy’s tummy, and water was flowing from my eyes like hot waterfalls! I couldn’t help thinking….. I was completely Zone Out till I saw SYUSAII !!!!

I ran towards her like that’s an only left escape!

Dad was completely shattered and just kept praying. Then we saw that young group from before, and they took you and mom to their room of expirements! Hospitals doctors scolded them for catching up a death case.

When I ran over to SYUSAII, I suddenly recalled a favor that I can ask her. But before I could say anything she babbled out,
‘ I’m here to take your mom and Little’ ,her blue icy eyes sparkling into mine.

‘I want my mom and sibling, no matter what!’, I said completely out of my mind, talking to a real angel in front of me!

‘You take me as your elder sister,right?’, she said looking down, ‘ Look, I literally have no choice! If I save a human being, I would lose my angelship and if there are two souls I might disappear!!!’

‘I don’t care! I wa…..wann….wantt to be a brother! FOR REAL’ I said without hesitation but a disappointment in eyes!

‘If you’re gaining two souls you will lose two too!!! Ok?’, she smiled at me and disappeared from there leaving me blank….


When I was on my way back to the ward where you were placed, I got a call from granny, asking where we were! I was completely out of my senses so I told her everything that had happened not thinking of her current conditions, and I just hanged up!
When I reached there I heard that mom’s reacting, she’s receiving the treatment and gaining the pulses ! Like a Magic !!!!!!! Miracles does happen!

But as soon as dad came to me, he received a call from our neighbour Mrs.Sharma, informing that Granny had a heart attack and that she was no more! Dad just slipped on the floor and were totally tight lipped!

After fraction of seconds, a young, bold man came out of ward and announced that Mom gave a birth to a girl! You were out before a month of actual delivery because you were very delicate and small! It was dangerous to keep you in mom’s tummy for a long time so it was an urgent surgery!

You see, SYUSAII never shown up from that day and from that day I don’t talk to any Angel around me even if I see them!
Granny’s death gave mom a life and Her disappearance gave you a life! And I Love You, Okay Syusai?”,he said with tears overflowing.

I nodded with light smile and eyes full of tears.

He always says me that ,that icy blue eyes which always sparkles in sunlight makes him remember about SYUSAII, who was 6 years older than him. But from day, SYUSAII disappeared, I was born 6 years smaller than him! I’m Lucky to have him!

Then mom brought the chocolate balls! And we both had 3 of them to full our tummies! Thank God I didn’t had to sacrifice them 😂😉

True Angels are our Brother/ Sister.

A very great afternoon people!!!! I hope all are doing great! If not? You’ll for sure in future😂😂😂 ok ok!!! Btw nowadays I feel like Commerce is poisened in my veins? I don’t get time to reply or write a post 🙄

Btw free lectures kis kaam ke? So I wrote this story! First of all hope you all understand this attempt of writing fiction, slice of life kinda story! Which I’m Rookie at! Yet!!!! I can’t wait to get review!!!!! Please do review!!! I appreciate your all precious time for reading 1000 words jumbling 26 alphabets!!! Into. A Story! Criticism allowed! Mistakes corrections allowed! Flaws allowed! Suggestions allowed! Compliments inspires!!!!! Thankyou very much from your time! Inspite I’m not reviewing other blogs!!!!!! Would catch up with all soon soon!!!!!!

Seeya!!! Take care😉😉😉😉😉

— Zankhana Goyal



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