💫Pens And Stars💫|Dream Story 💭| Winter’s Special Story💎

Everyone Desires Of Starting Things From A Scratch…..If we adore someone that means their existence does matter in our Life.

But the life of Kei was much different than mine. Myself— you’ll come to know my name as we proceed..

“Hey! PC(Pen Collector)” waved Jenny coming towards me where I was sitting with my notebook(laptop).

“Hoy! Don’t call me by that name!” I answered.

Idiot! No! My real name is Hannah! People of my campus calls me PC cause it all started 6 months back when our first semester started.

Hey there! Reader… So, myself Hannah. My hobby is writing. And my school has a lot of rich bit**es Gangsters! (Calling them students would be a shame!) People call me a Pen Collector cause they are the pen wasters! And I just collect them (anonymously) for writing short stories for our school blog! And guess what that work also I’m doing is anonymously! I’m an Introvert to start with. But while writing stories I completely become another person. Besides what I love is SKATEBOARDING. yeah! So these things are my life!

But this is about A FANBOY! Who admires my words a lot! The people who are jealous of me are stated to hell with his words ! Someone is protecting me but not anonymously!

2018 Summer Carnival Festival!!

For penning some unique stories !!!! I thought that I should be a part of this! The first club which I went was of ASTRONOMY!


“Wow! This is Beauty!” I exclaimed with excitement!

“No doubt! Beautiful!”his low voice felt like Spring Sunshine!


“The Stars! I mean”his eyes sparked as he said. “Hi! Myself Kei! I–I made this atmosphere! Do you? Do you….like it???”

“Of Course! It’s Beautiful! I wonder what it might look at night if it Brights so much in noon!”

“Night! It—”

Kei…Kei…you there?


I was on my skateboard way towards my home where I met him! Yeah the STARBOY! It was more or less a collision! Which felt like that happens between a heroine and hero! Just the thing is I was on my skateboard and he on his bicycle!

“Ouch! Ah! Can’t you watch an—” I screamed on him!

“Oh! Oh ! Oh no! I’m sorry! I didn’t saw you comi—”

“Starboy? Ah! I mean that stars !! U like stars,right?”

“Ah! Yeah! You like skateboarding?”

“Very much!” I informed him in a hurry! Taking a leave!


When I was in my way to school I saw some boys ganging up a boy which I thought I met recent— Yesterday! Yeah! On bicycle? Huh? What’s that Astronomer doing here?

“Ne! What are you guys doing?here?” I asked them !

“None of your business ! You nerd!” One of the guy of big rockers gang said!

They are said to be the gang most known for bullying!

After a lots of meeting with this guy! I finally realised that this is really something like fate. And if he’s being bullied I should cheer him up!

“Hehy! There —” I went to startled him! Getting myself startled! As I saw him replying to a wrong comment on my writing on school blog!

“So finally I came to know! You! You’re my secret admirer? I asked him with my full curiosity!

“Nothing like secret ! Ok! I like your writing! And what I feel wrong is WRONG!” he said in a such a cool tone! I never have I ever thought that he ! He is getting bullied!

“So you didn’t knew it was me?” I asked absolutely shocked.

“Wait what? Seriously?” he asked completely shocked!

From which I came to know! He never knew!

The following day I saw him getting bullied! And thought if he protected me without knowing me ! I’ve to after knowing his nature!

And I posted about this big rockers gang on school blog! And they get suspension for a week! I know it’s less !!! Btw they’ve learnt their lesson!

The next time I met him!!!!!!!

“Thankyou so much! I know you did that for saving me!” he exclaimed.

“Well! You protected me! So I’ve to myself! ” I said with an unexpected wink!

“But still! I need to thank you! Why not come on a dat—? I mean I’ve a place to show you! Will you join me?”he asked me so cutely!

“Ammm!!! Well Ok! Btw where?”

“School Itself!”

Collecting stars?

And now that as a start of a new journey!

Sorry for delay! I’m trying my best for penning and posting!!! And I’ll give my 100% so please give your suggestions too! Please show some support!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this one!

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—Zankhana Goyal




19👑 | Exploring❤ | See the World through my eyes !

17 thoughts on “💫Pens And Stars💫|Dream Story 💭| Winter’s Special Story💎

  1. The best thing is that when u have a little bit conversation in the story , it must connects with the audience and after every replies audience should feel , ya that’s true…..And you did that best thing… Keep up… Keep ✍️…@Zakhana.😁..

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