💫Trapped Encounter💫| Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story💎 (Part 2/2) Final Part🎀

23rd December,2018 8:37 PM

With phone’s torched on! A challenge to complete! 5 teenagers trapped in a school in snowy Winter with heaviest snowfall outside!

“ONo! Library’s door is unlocked… Why in the world??” I panicked.

“I came here. Morning? Yah! I came. ” hermoine informed.

“Guys! This ain’t important. ” said Tiya being terrified.

“Shhh….. It’s a challenge Tiya!” kyre shushed!

“Let me try opening it Jacka$$” smirked Jim.

Jim twitched the notch on the lock of the door which definitely Jack didn’t did.


“Woahh! What The — what kind of noise was that?” shivered Tiya.

“It’s Bagahin!” said Jim.

“Stop that shit! It might be a rat or something” hermoine justified.

Rat?😌” I shushed!

“But why noise came when Jim touched the notch?….”asked kyre!

“Exactly! Haven’t you heard anything about horror movies, hermoineeee?” said Jim angrily.

“ Haven’t You Heard Anything About Coincidences?? Mr.Jim?” hermoine’s tit-for-tat!

I laughed silently.

“Let’s Push It! I’ll show hermoine The Book Of Bagahin And Bagahin!” said Jim revengingly.

“Nothing happens to the one who doesn’t believe in it ok?” said hermoine!

“Let Tiya push it! I heard she joined Weightlifting classes!”i said making the atmosphere a bit calm. I mean trying to make!

“Why would I??? Ask ur own healthy friend Jimmy Jimmy Jim! Huh😏!” said Tiya getting annoyed.

While I enjoyed.🤣🤭

And the door flung open when both Jim and Tiya pushed! There was a heavy sound of wind! Obviously because someone left the window open of library. Zummmmmmm!………Thhhhatttt—

Something moves towards left! (all looks towards left simultaneously) Phew. It’s Nothing. You see. Then again towards front. And starts walking to abonded self of books!

“Wait where’s Kyre?” asked Jimmy.(Jim= Jimmy)

“Here I’m 🙋” Kyre waved from outside the door cause her skirt piece was entangled in doors below locking hook!

“Come in— Kyraaaaaaeeee” screamed Tiya grabbing our attenand then we noticed that library door went locked again with Kyra outside and we four inside.

“Oh Jesus! Ohno! Kyreee!!! I told you guys stop this shitty Challenge! It’s cold already !!! Do you all wanna die! I want to leave Library! No games no challenge! Hermoine understand please!!!!” said Tiya melodramatically.

“Tiya. It’s cold. So door Jammed. Don’t Worry! Kyre, My sister is strong! Ok?” Hermoine explained beautifully👼

“Guys! Look i found the book! Soul Departure BAGAHIN” exclaimed Jimmy joyfully.

“What! Seriously! Thanks for making challenge easier.” said hermoine with a fake smile.

“Mention Not! I only gave you that challenge! And there’s long way to go!!! But but but! I’m leaving!!! Open this book when I leave! Cause If Bagahin Is Out No One Can Control It! ”

“Stop Bluffing! It’s a map book to show where book is Dumbo!”

“Oh! Then Let’s search!😅”

8:58 PM

We got split in finding book! I and Jim! Coward Tiya and Courageous Hermoine. Hermoine herself found the book but didn’t tell anyone! And started reading The Prayers To Call Bagahin.

Aswa! Bushwa! Hum-dum! The Soul Noth Place To Rest! Sha’ Cometh To Myth Bodie! Adrula Porsala Mara! Torsa—

“Hermoine Idiot! I told you first let me out! — you…..”

“See I told ya nothing happens! Let’s Go Back!” hermoine closed the book and started walking towards the door to again puch it but in the midway……


“Hermoine!!!!!!” I screamed so loud that even Kyre might have heard outside!

There was a lots and lots of blood draining out of hermoine’s eyes! Her beautiful and soft cheeks were drained with blood! Her voice first changed to like a man’s voice and then hoarse very hoarse….. Here eyes went black! Suddenly there popped a waterfall of blood from her ears ! And I? Just kept staring her numb,dumb,doomed! I just didn’t know what to do! I never believed in such ethics! Tiya handed me her cross-locket signing I should go to her and help her! I recalled a prayer my mom taught me but at that time I was very small! And my grandpa’s death make me forgot it! Right that time I was all blank! Dumbfounded!

Jim rushed to bookshelf for some something! At least something! Please God! Something! And Suddenly a Horrible looking face started growing from her back of the head! Then small creaks started happening to her face! She was houling and screaming! My tears can’t stop from flowing! Hero definitely has to help and save his heroine,right?

9:00 PM

No sense of fear can be more scary then death

“No sense of fear can be more scary then death.” Read Jim! Taking me back to reality and to act like a hero and not a coward!

It was then she came to knew she had no way to run. Yea! Hermoine! Her Soul isnyet inside her body where now it’s the body of Bagahin too!

“Jack! 2 souls can’t stay in one body!!!” said Jimmy showing pity!

“Do something! Please save her! I beg you please” I pleaded begging!

“She challenged! Not my fault! But ,,— ”

“Are you insane? I thought u were joking! What this shit is ?? Am I dreaming??!”

9:10 PM

“We have to do something!”

I rescued myself from Jim’s arms and ran after hermoine who went out of control! I went to stop her from panicking to yell her I’m there for her Btw hopeless!!!! I…. Still.. there for her…….I pushed the door and it opened shivering Kyra on other side! She saw her sister in that state and her soft sobs turned to huge screaming crying!

“Eventually two souls can’t stay! Soon Bagahin will go mad! Tiya please understand! Leave Library now!”

10:00 PM


Bagahin got crazy in hermoine’s body! All were injured as we all were trying to go close to her and say some prayers so the black soul gets kicked out! From Hermoine’s body! But after a lot of crying and trying I passed out!

7:00 AM,24th December


We sobed more than yesterday and will do so tomorrow too.


and her favourite one’s……. Definitely stays with me……..

I wish she knew how I felt for her……. And I always will feel! Sorry hermoine I can’t save you!………

I’m soooo sorry guys for Taking second part too long!!!!! Was literally got into stuffs like marriage and Exams!!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

So I hope this one everyone likes it and shares it!!! Most worked one on!!!!!!!!! Read the first part here if not read! 👇

Trapped Encounter! Part 1

Do tell me your favourite Winter story or Stories!😂😅

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Stay tuned for next post it’s next 10 NOVELS review!😄😉

Till then Take Care And I wish you all a merry Christmas! I wish you all a merry Christmas! 🎋🎄🎄🎄🎄🎍🎆🎇✨✨🎉🎊🎈🎁🎀✨🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍾🍷🍻🍺🍹

—Zankhana Goyal




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  1. Mmhh…!! So someone’s already a.. umm🤔 a fabulist?! Yeah!! 😇😇
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    1. I’m glad you find that so!!!!😂😍😍😎(Btw I ain’t!🤔) Hehehehe!!!😇😇
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