Do you’ve enthusiasm to shoulder responsibilities, passion to excel, out-of-box thinking, and a knack for jugaad -know how to spread the word by leveraging campus events more. It certainly takes a leader – someone who can inspire peers, and a marketing genius who has the hunger to do more.

Here I would like to disclose some of the benefits which has proven to be most helpful for students by the live sessions with some amazing entrepreneurs and influencers.

Here I Present you!!!!

Career Talk Show!!!

Supriya Mishra, Engineer Turned To Writer!

Q 1. What do you love about your profession?

Everything. Be it the choice in career diversion, learning from artists or working with new environment. I loved everything about that and I definitely would pick this profession without any regrets.

Some of the tips shared are :-

1. Read, Read, Read!
Reading articles, blogs, books, short stories, news or any type of content be it in English or Hindi, helps maintain the consistent vocabulary.

2. Having a Unique Choice
Picking up literature, in itself is a big and artsy choice. But this field offer wide variety of options as well.

3. Have Patience
One thing about learning and acquiring knowledge is having patience as every piece of knowledge is useful to us for now or for future. Patience is key and an assurance to know you’ll reach where you want to.

4. Learning from the Experienced with their Influence
Being in industry, observing the work progress gives an indirect experience. There is a whole big team of potential people and their hardwork behind the piece of work and it’s production.

5. Hobby turning to profession
It takes a lot of persistence and hardwork but it’s all worth it. A person can never get over the work which he/she loves to do. There might be tiredness but you’d still do it if you love to do and give it all your time.

6. How to find your suitable career line in Literature
Sorting is the key. There are many fields in Literature too. Some go for Poems, blogs, writing books or getting own book printed or in movie-making (i.e, script writing, dialogues writing). There are wide number of options and opportunities out there. You just need to find your specific skill zone and give your best to get full of that career!

Pick out your expertise area, get educated about it, seek experiences (minor or major roles) and set your career boat on sail for a worthy adventure.

Sharing A Career Talk | Tips For Literature Student 📑

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