Gooooooodddd Eveninggggggg People!!!!!! I hope this still comes to your feed😱 fingers crossed and some people are still hyped to read!! BTW did anyone miss me? (Guess not! Huh🤔) It’s finally been really longggggg!!!😄😄 I kind of missed interacting with my-kind-of people! Can you believe it’s my first post of the year!😰 While I was away I felt like I was living in a different world! Glad to be Back! As boards comes nearby my urge to write blogs increases!! Why me only , God?? 🤒🤒

Anyways, I’m here for the one who loves to read and explore! And for the efforts of actually opening and reading tho it’s bluffs! 😅😅😅😂😂😳😳

But the topic which I’m going to recite (I wish I could😞) write my poem is pretty interestingg!!🙃 And I’m hoping some creative people might read!😌

First have a look at this 👇

How cute a burger-giver could be!

As we all know , between mid-summer there was this mad craze of Marvel-cum-End Game! I mean seriously people who didn’t watched the other first parts were going mad over it Without knowing about it! 😲😲 The girl who sat beside me while I was watching in full theatre on 3rd day of it’s release Was Crazy! Omg!!! Crazy!!! 😫😫😫😫😵😵 She looked like a College student and was shouting like — Goooo! You can do it! Com’on! Go! And I was like — Yeah! Right! We all know! Now shut up! Goshhhh!!!!

At the end I was like — Please go home and for god’s sake stay at home only!! No offense! It’s just I was so irritated when it was my most anticipated awaited movie of the year! (Tell me you’ll feel me please😭😭😭)

Btw recently only I saw in an video—

A boy was posting all over internet crying as Stan Lee died!! And all unnecessary bluffs! So, one Marvel fan observing him asked him If He knew who Stan Lee was? RIP Marvel fan!He replied — Arrey Vo Mission Impossible ka director na!

Literally even I felt like to shoot that guy! Before/without knowing how can one act so …try to act so cool!??? Huh? 👿🤢🤮 It makes them look fool!



Let’s gooo!!!!!! For poem! Also remind me if I forgot any great good moments! !!! In comments! Let’s never ever forget the creator of Marvel — Stan Lee(for people who don’t know it) and our Special favorite moments! And do tell me if Marvel changed your life? ‘Cause it did Mine! A lot! (FYI: I started watching Marvel movies since last December)


“Aa-a Tony Stank? ”,asked Staaannn Leeee…

Making Tony Stark roll eyes laughinglyyyyy!

When Stan Lee’s favorite boy— our Spidyyyy is
On date with his Girlfriend’s Dad – The Villan, On Plane, On Homecoming…..

When Doc. Strange played with time,

Sitting on the bus laughing was Staannnnn Leee…

“Oh now you crashed our Grandfather” is when Loki talks about Thor destroying Their Grandfather’s Statue!

From Black Panther who won the Money?

Hey! Hey! It was Staaannnn Leeee….

Don’t Say Racoon To Rocket ‘Cause then he’ll ask — “What’s Racoon?

Carol? Up! Captain Marvel looked through the newspaper,

Opps, again it was Staaaannnnn Leeee…

And Finally someone called out Peter *guess what?* Star-lord!!! *Whoo-hooo*

Deadpool got announcements….?

Made by? Made by Staaannnn Leeee!

You know what ain’t funny?
Rhodey’s jokes about War Machines! *No offense*😬😂

Remember who gave Captian America’s Haircut To Thor?( God! That was hilarious)

It was none other than Staannnnn Leeee!

When Goody—Goody Cat scratches Nick Fury’s Eyes and swallows Tesseract!!! Damnnn!!

Going through flashbacks…..

Here, too, in car, we finddd Staaaannnnn Leeee….

Captain America: We need a Plan to Attack!
Ironman[being a philanthropist, a billionaire playboy, smart business man, genius entrepreneur and A Mechanic. But most importantly being Tony Stark!] : I’ve a Plan. Attack! *zoooommm*

When 60’s comes around…. Whose car got shortened?(By Ant-Man)

By mistake it was Staaannnn Leeee’s……..

Captian America: And SMASH👊
Hulk *punches* 👊 (poor) Thor!

And when, you’re happy to see Clint’s no! Hawkeye’s Reback after retiring!!
And when, Quicksilver blows away trying to lift The Hammer of Thor! Poor Scarlett Witch’s Brother! 😭
And when, Ironman complains — “That’s what will happen if you hang out with my ex-girlfriends more!”
And when, Vision lifts Thor’s Hammer…
And when, Black Widow says that her enemy is …“Slightly ok! slightly” intelligent than her!
And when, There’s Avengers VS Avengers and Ironman asks for Rhodey’s Back!

And finally WHEN, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” , Captain America Lifts Mjolnir and Thor demands to have bigger one!😉

—Zankhana Goyal.

Marvel reminded me to laugh, cry Btw more importantly to fight no matter what! Or where! 😌

Seeya all later!!!



Marvel World!!! ⛰ Experiences And Poem! | Most Awaited and Loved Topic of Year!