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Comin’ up is next slot(10) of NOVELS I read! 💜 Biding 2018 with completion of 20 Novels! Winter Wrap-up!🎈 Enjoyyyy the reviews!🎀 It’s definitely gonna go longggggg! Kripya fasten your seatbelts!😉

Have a look at first ten!😀 (Crossed 100+ likes already🙆) First 10 Novels!

  • By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept — By Paulo Coelho!

    It was a powerful read,tbh! Library’s full of Paulo Coelho’s books!
    Btw,it ain’t a sad ending😉

Rating 7.0/10

  • Stolen – A letter to my captor — By Lucy Christopher!

Kidnapping someone from an airport seemed kinda Wait What? To me! Btw it was really such a thrill !!! She was probably stolen from Airport! Just cause HE had blue mesmerizing eyes! Crazy,huh? They then escaped to a deserted desert! Where they tries to escape again! He tries to convince her to stay with him! Btw climax is different where she ends up writing a letter to him!

Rating 7.7/10

  • Everything Everything — By Nicola Yoon!

End was a twister,tbh! Like seriously??? How can I mom lie for her daughter! What scared me was…..👇

Btw then, I was like — Picture Novel Aabhi Baki Hai, Zankhana!😂😉

Rating 7.6/10

  • The Ruby Key — By Holly Lisle!

Definitely a thrill! Can be counted in children book Btw was so amazing!!!!!! Like a talking Cat! A mission to complete! To save themselves and their family! A Common enemy! A Perfect Thrill!!!!!!!!!!

Chapters May Excite You!🤷‍

Before The Offering
The Forest By Night
Dinner In Arriender
Tricks And Bargains
The Audiomaerist
…And The Cat
Moon Roading
Doyati’s Worth
The Bard And The Harp(Monster😈)
Danrith Of High Horse
Walking With Doyati
Unlikely Allies
The Kai–Lord
The Cat Comes Back
Desperate Times

Ending Twist is like Beauty And A Beast!

Rating 8.1/10

  • Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul & Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship!


Best Stuffs posted!

Rating 7.3/10

  • Tell Me Your Dreams — By Sidney Sheldon!

Damn The word Thrill!!!! Was super se upar!!!!! Like! Personalities !! Murder!!!! Case – solving!!!!! Btw ending was something I wish not! Cause the main culprit was her own fear from her own — *read and find out* 😛😛 Toni was Rock!!!! 🤗

  • Our Story Needs No Filter — By Sudeep Nagarkar!

I’m absolutely the one not into politics!!!! Btw this all dwells there!!! I just wanted to read books by some Indian writer!!! Not upto my expectations!😐 Can anyone recommend??? It’s a bit too romantic too! Although Jai was my favorite character here! A simple good bestfriend!!!! A friendly book!

Rating 6.0/10

  • Trapped — By Michael Northrop!

It was my Dream to read this from 8th standard!!!lol!!!!! Btw it was pretty amazing!!!!! This is where I got idea to write — TRAPPED ENCOUNTER! although I selected horror! It’s all about 3 friends trapped in a school cause of snow! Btw it becomes adventurous when there are 2 girls too! Btw I never wanted Pete to not see his escape!!!!! He was so willing!

Rating 7.7/10

  • Flawless — By Lara Chapman!

What if u and ur bestie have a crush on a same guy??? And you help ur bestie pursue her crush who is ur crush too! It all dwells here! My classmates is fond of romantic tales! So I read that too! Btw was pretty amazing to read!!!!

Rating 7.5/10

Japanese School Chime on my keyboard played by me!😉

Kitty!!!! In the house !!! I named her His name! — Junhkook!!😂😂😍😍😘😘😘 Cause she does so much mastiiiii!

He’s cute,right??? Korean favo actor!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😆😆

Sizzler Brownie! 😋😋😋😋😋

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Winter Wrap-up✨ | Novels Review 📖| Drawing — Comic Video|A Year On Blog 🎀| 1000 Followers!!! 🎉 | Bye Bye 2018 🎈

23rd December,2018 8:37 PM

With phone’s torched on! A challenge to complete! 5 teenagers trapped in a school in snowy Winter with heaviest snowfall outside!

“ONo! Library’s door is unlocked… Why in the world??” I panicked.

“I came here. Morning? Yah! I came. ” hermoine informed.

“Guys! This ain’t important. ” said Tiya being terrified.

“Shhh….. It’s a challenge Tiya!” kyre shushed!

“Let me try opening it Jacka$$” smirked Jim.

Jim twitched the notch on the lock of the door which definitely Jack didn’t did.


“Woahh! What The — what kind of noise was that?” shivered Tiya.

“It’s Bagahin!” said Jim.

“Stop that shit! It might be a rat or something” hermoine justified.

Rat?😌” I shushed!

“But why noise came when Jim touched the notch?….”asked kyre!

“Exactly! Haven’t you heard anything about horror movies, hermoineeee?” said Jim angrily.

“ Haven’t You Heard Anything About Coincidences?? Mr.Jim?” hermoine’s tit-for-tat!

I laughed silently.

“Let’s Push It! I’ll show hermoine The Book Of Bagahin And Bagahin!” said Jim revengingly.

“Nothing happens to the one who doesn’t believe in it ok?” said hermoine!

“Let Tiya push it! I heard she joined Weightlifting classes!”i said making the atmosphere a bit calm. I mean trying to make!

“Why would I??? Ask ur own healthy friend Jimmy Jimmy Jim! Huh😏!” said Tiya getting annoyed.

While I enjoyed.🤣🤭

And the door flung open when both Jim and Tiya pushed! There was a heavy sound of wind! Obviously because someone left the window open of library. Zummmmmmm!………Thhhhatttt—

Something moves towards left! (all looks towards left simultaneously) Phew. It’s Nothing. You see. Then again towards front. And starts walking to abonded self of books!

“Wait where’s Kyre?” asked Jimmy.(Jim= Jimmy)

“Here I’m 🙋” Kyre waved from outside the door cause her skirt piece was entangled in doors below locking hook!

“Come in— Kyraaaaaaeeee” screamed Tiya grabbing our attenand then we noticed that library door went locked again with Kyra outside and we four inside.

“Oh Jesus! Ohno! Kyreee!!! I told you guys stop this shitty Challenge! It’s cold already !!! Do you all wanna die! I want to leave Library! No games no challenge! Hermoine understand please!!!!” said Tiya melodramatically.

“Tiya. It’s cold. So door Jammed. Don’t Worry! Kyre, My sister is strong! Ok?” Hermoine explained beautifully👼

“Guys! Look i found the book! Soul Departure BAGAHIN” exclaimed Jimmy joyfully.

“What! Seriously! Thanks for making challenge easier.” said hermoine with a fake smile.

“Mention Not! I only gave you that challenge! And there’s long way to go!!! But but but! I’m leaving!!! Open this book when I leave! Cause If Bagahin Is Out No One Can Control It! ”

“Stop Bluffing! It’s a map book to show where book is Dumbo!”

“Oh! Then Let’s search!😅”

8:58 PM

We got split in finding book! I and Jim! Coward Tiya and Courageous Hermoine. Hermoine herself found the book but didn’t tell anyone! And started reading The Prayers To Call Bagahin.

Aswa! Bushwa! Hum-dum! The Soul Noth Place To Rest! Sha’ Cometh To Myth Bodie! Adrula Porsala Mara! Torsa—

“Hermoine Idiot! I told you first let me out! — you…..”

“See I told ya nothing happens! Let’s Go Back!” hermoine closed the book and started walking towards the door to again puch it but in the midway……


“Hermoine!!!!!!” I screamed so loud that even Kyre might have heard outside!

There was a lots and lots of blood draining out of hermoine’s eyes! Her beautiful and soft cheeks were drained with blood! Her voice first changed to like a man’s voice and then hoarse very hoarse….. Here eyes went black! Suddenly there popped a waterfall of blood from her ears ! And I? Just kept staring her numb,dumb,doomed! I just didn’t know what to do! I never believed in such ethics! Tiya handed me her cross-locket signing I should go to her and help her! I recalled a prayer my mom taught me but at that time I was very small! And my grandpa’s death make me forgot it! Right that time I was all blank! Dumbfounded!

Jim rushed to bookshelf for some something! At least something! Please God! Something! And Suddenly a Horrible looking face started growing from her back of the head! Then small creaks started happening to her face! She was houling and screaming! My tears can’t stop from flowing! Hero definitely has to help and save his heroine,right?

9:00 PM

No sense of fear can be more scary then death

“No sense of fear can be more scary then death.” Read Jim! Taking me back to reality and to act like a hero and not a coward!

It was then she came to knew she had no way to run. Yea! Hermoine! Her Soul isnyet inside her body where now it’s the body of Bagahin too!

“Jack! 2 souls can’t stay in one body!!!” said Jimmy showing pity!

“Do something! Please save her! I beg you please” I pleaded begging!

“She challenged! Not my fault! But ,,— ”

“Are you insane? I thought u were joking! What this shit is ?? Am I dreaming??!”

9:10 PM

“We have to do something!”

I rescued myself from Jim’s arms and ran after hermoine who went out of control! I went to stop her from panicking to yell her I’m there for her Btw hopeless!!!! I…. Still.. there for her…….I pushed the door and it opened shivering Kyra on other side! She saw her sister in that state and her soft sobs turned to huge screaming crying!

“Eventually two souls can’t stay! Soon Bagahin will go mad! Tiya please understand! Leave Library now!”

10:00 PM


Bagahin got crazy in hermoine’s body! All were injured as we all were trying to go close to her and say some prayers so the black soul gets kicked out! From Hermoine’s body! But after a lot of crying and trying I passed out!

7:00 AM,24th December


We sobed more than yesterday and will do so tomorrow too.


and her favourite one’s……. Definitely stays with me……..

I wish she knew how I felt for her……. And I always will feel! Sorry hermoine I can’t save you!………

I’m soooo sorry guys for Taking second part too long!!!!! Was literally got into stuffs like marriage and Exams!!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

So I hope this one everyone likes it and shares it!!! Most worked one on!!!!!!!!! Read the first part here if not read! 👇

Trapped Encounter! Part 1

Do tell me your favourite Winter story or Stories!😂😅

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Till then Take Care And I wish you all a merry Christmas! I wish you all a merry Christmas! 🎋🎄🎄🎄🎄🎍🎆🎇✨✨🎉🎊🎈🎁🎀✨🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍾🍷🍻🍺🍹

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💫Trapped Encounter💫| Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story💎 (Part 2/2) Final Part🎀

23rd December 2018 5:00 PM

Isn’t her face cutest in the world? When she tries to hide herself from a huge cup of her favourite hot cocoa” I mumbled to myself. Cause Dumbo no one’s more cuter than hermoine — said my mind.

“Heyy!! Jacka$$” shouted Jim — my bestie from kindergarten! Waking me up from my day Dreams!

“Don’t spoil my name,you dumbo” I smirked.

“Why not? 😛 Anyways finish your date soon we gotta go to home soon before it turns dark” He said rolling his eyes to hermoine and back to me.

“It ain’t a date. You, Jimmy!” Hermoine said getting pissed off!

“Don’t mind him. Let’s Go!”

It was a Chilling freezy day. Winter Evenings! Dim Lights. No Fans. Only specified batch was up for extra classes for upcoming exhibition. For that hermoine’s drawing are up to display! And she’s trying her best! Hermoine? Not Hermione of Harry Potter. She? She is my best friend since two years. Myself Jack@$$ Jack. And to be honest I’m …. I’m … I’m simple… Yea… Ik nothing interesting but that’s how I’m ….

“Did you packed everything?? It’s 6pm! When your vehicle will come,hermoine?”

“I don’t know Jackie! Today Tiya is a company!” informed herrmoine flipping her hair back and making my heart stop! Literally.

Hermoine….. Hermoine…….

“Is that Kyre’s voice? She’s here too?”I asked rectifying her voice.

“Oh yeah! She came to help me plug my paintings…”

We ran upstairs. I. Hermoine. Jim. Tiya. We all were startled by her screaming!

As we reached there. We saw lots of smoke…!


“Jimmy ! No …. Everyone open windows fast…….!!!!!…..

And….Also remove your handkerchief.

I ran to make every handkerchiefs wet which I’ve heard during mock drills of fire…. Hermoine comforted kyre. Others opened the windows. But there was no end to it. After giving handkerchiefs everyone kept it on their mouth and covered it. And for 10 seconds fans were switched on for first time in 2 weeks…it was freaking cold.

6:00 PM

“Oh! No! The doors are switched off! Now??? Oh Gawd!!!” panicked hermoine.

“No Network?” Jim exclaimed scanning his cellphone.

“It’s a heavy snowfall ! ” I sneezed!

“Seems like it’ll be an adventurous stay at school!” said Tiya joyfully + excited.

*All Leaving Tiya*= haw?!?!?!🙄

6:30 PM

We went to the cafeteria zone as it was warmest place from whole campus.

“Your Hot Coffee, Princess..” Jimmy said happily handing a cup to Tiya.

*All leaving Jimmy* = hawwwwwwww?😮


“Has cold jammed everyone’s head? Or what?” I joked trying to make everyone laugh and it was a bit successful. A bit.😌

“Lol! Yours too. Because you can’t find a way out!” Hermoine said with 50% of anger 50% fearing! And after a short laugh on my silly pun.

“Don’t worry! Please. I’m just trying to release a bit stress.” I justified myself.

“It’s already so dark and foggy outside. What to do now?”she said with a duh tone.

8:00 PM

“It’s so tiring and boring here

“Cold Too!”

“No Choice Guys!”

“So what? You wanna dance if it’s tiring here?” I asked with a creaky smile on my face.

*All excluding me* = NO REACTION 😶 (SERIOUSLY?😫)

8:30 PM

“Limits! Over. ” Jimmy shouted. Silence. “Let’s play a game!” Air of relief.

“Can’t you say that in a soft tone” I requested him.

“Ok👌” he hussed. We couldnhear but his hand movements made us understood.

“Which game?” finally Hermoine said something.

I jumping on — “Lets play!”

“Here’s it I read in the article and a book in library which is zipped.”

“Zippe……d— ”

“Which was prohibited from going! U know that area! ”

“So ? ” all were curious!

“I read there’s lives a Ba…. Baga… Baga- bagahin!”he said and covered his mouth.

“So what?” said my our fearless Hermoine!

“I know a nerd like you won’t believe…”

“Mind your language Jimmy!” I stopped him.

“Let’s go to library then!!!” challenged Jimmy!

9:00 PM

No sense of fear can be more scary then death

“No sense of fear can be more scary then death.”

It was then she came to knew she had no way to run.

This one with so many efforts!!!!! It’s horror + Rom-com + adventurous! 😂😫😛😍😶

This winter story I’m posting is on the last day of this week aka today!

And I might share next part tomorrow or on next Saturday??!! U decide!😉😉😉

Btw can anyone say what might have happened???? Let’s see !!!!! Give ur most precious suggestions in comment section! It’s my first time trying such writing learnt from NOVEL READING!

Sorry for being late for Winter Stories!!!!!! Btw this one most worked on! Please review! And tell your honest views! Thankyou so much for reading guys!!!! Keep inspiring! Keep learning💎💫

Next time,

—Zankhana Goyal


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💫Trapped Encounter💫|Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story 💎(Part 1/2)

Everyone Desires Of Starting Things From A Scratch…..If we adore someone that means their existence does matter in our Life.

But the life of Kei was much different than mine. Myself— you’ll come to know my name as we proceed..

“Hey! PC(Pen Collector)” waved Jenny coming towards me where I was sitting with my notebook(laptop).

“Hoy! Don’t call me by that name!” I answered.

Idiot! No! My real name is Hannah! People of my campus calls me PC cause it all started 6 months back when our first semester started.

Hey there! Reader… So, myself Hannah. My hobby is writing. And my school has a lot of rich bit**es Gangsters! (Calling them students would be a shame!) People call me a Pen Collector cause they are the pen wasters! And I just collect them (anonymously) for writing short stories for our school blog! And guess what that work also I’m doing is anonymously! I’m an Introvert to start with. But while writing stories I completely become another person. Besides what I love is SKATEBOARDING. yeah! So these things are my life!

But this is about A FANBOY! Who admires my words a lot! The people who are jealous of me are stated to hell with his words ! Someone is protecting me but not anonymously!

2018 Summer Carnival Festival!!

For penning some unique stories !!!! I thought that I should be a part of this! The first club which I went was of ASTRONOMY!


“Wow! This is Beauty!” I exclaimed with excitement!

“No doubt! Beautiful!”his low voice felt like Spring Sunshine!


“The Stars! I mean”his eyes sparked as he said. “Hi! Myself Kei! I–I made this atmosphere! Do you? Do you….like it???”

“Of Course! It’s Beautiful! I wonder what it might look at night if it Brights so much in noon!”

“Night! It—”

Kei…Kei…you there?


I was on my skateboard way towards my home where I met him! Yeah the STARBOY! It was more or less a collision! Which felt like that happens between a heroine and hero! Just the thing is I was on my skateboard and he on his bicycle!

“Ouch! Ah! Can’t you watch an—” I screamed on him!

“Oh! Oh ! Oh no! I’m sorry! I didn’t saw you comi—”

“Starboy? Ah! I mean that stars !! U like stars,right?”

“Ah! Yeah! You like skateboarding?”

“Very much!” I informed him in a hurry! Taking a leave!


When I was in my way to school I saw some boys ganging up a boy which I thought I met recent— Yesterday! Yeah! On bicycle? Huh? What’s that Astronomer doing here?

“Ne! What are you guys doing?here?” I asked them !

“None of your business ! You nerd!” One of the guy of big rockers gang said!

They are said to be the gang most known for bullying!

After a lots of meeting with this guy! I finally realised that this is really something like fate. And if he’s being bullied I should cheer him up!

“Hehy! There —” I went to startled him! Getting myself startled! As I saw him replying to a wrong comment on my writing on school blog!

“So finally I came to know! You! You’re my secret admirer? I asked him with my full curiosity!

“Nothing like secret ! Ok! I like your writing! And what I feel wrong is WRONG!” he said in a such a cool tone! I never have I ever thought that he ! He is getting bullied!

“So you didn’t knew it was me?” I asked absolutely shocked.

“Wait what? Seriously?” he asked completely shocked!

From which I came to know! He never knew!

The following day I saw him getting bullied! And thought if he protected me without knowing me ! I’ve to after knowing his nature!

And I posted about this big rockers gang on school blog! And they get suspension for a week! I know it’s less !!! Btw they’ve learnt their lesson!

The next time I met him!!!!!!!

“Thankyou so much! I know you did that for saving me!” he exclaimed.

“Well! You protected me! So I’ve to myself! ” I said with an unexpected wink!

“But still! I need to thank you! Why not come on a dat—? I mean I’ve a place to show you! Will you join me?”he asked me so cutely!

“Ammm!!! Well Ok! Btw where?”

“School Itself!”

Collecting stars?

And now that as a start of a new journey!

Sorry for delay! I’m trying my best for penning and posting!!! And I’ll give my 100% so please give your suggestions too! Please show some support!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this one!

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—Zankhana Goyal


💫Pens And Stars💫|Dream Story 💭| Winter’s Special Story💎

Angels die when they fall in love….

That’s what I don’t used to believe… Untill I met her……

“Dare?… Aano? Dare deska? ” (WHO?….WHO ARE YOU?……..)

A voice woke me up aside a small beautiful lake.

I found myself surrounded by a pretty girl with long hairs, maybe, wearing a swim suit? Firstly, I didn’t understood her language. Then I realised she was speaking Japanese.

“Amm.. where am I ?? Can you tell me?” I asked her in my sleepy voice.

“Ah! Kokowa Ocean Blue Island des.”, she informed me with a small smile.

I thought she understood my language. Well — Wha… What???What the hell I’m doing on an island???

“Eh? Ehhhhhhhh~ ”I shouted “How? How should I get out of here???” I asked her totally confused.

“How You Came Here?” She asked me with curiosity.

Oh! So she can speak English.

“I was sleeping in Brooklyn village. I came here with my brother.” I replied.


“Ah! Hai. Watashino Onii-Chan” I explained her in Japanese with all the words I’ve learnt so far. Learning Japanese helped me.

“So des ka? Ja wata— I’ll Try To Give A Call, So Someone From Village Can Come And Rescue You.” she comforted me.

She removed a trumpet or something and it started making noise. She said that this will give a hint to villagers to come to this abandoned island to save you! Abandoned island?, I thought

After an hour I saw my brother waving from far off. He was looking so cool that if anyone saw him in Tokyo I’m sure all girls will fall for him. Btw for the first time I saw an expression of tense on his face.

“Are you Okay? Idiot? Where the hell did u go ????” he asked me before getting off the cart.

“Actually I— a girl saved me from drowning maybe?”

“Huh? A girl.. who?? Whe—….” he stopped, mouth open when he saw that long-haired girl.

“Oy! Bro? Are u there?” I saw him in astonishing! Like totally in dreams! No daydreams!

Idk y btw he kept on insisting that long-haired girl, whose name she told Emilia? Ya! He kept on insisting her to come with us to village. Like what got into him, God knows! He’s a year older than me so I can’t possibly argue with him.

My brother’s POV :

I don’t know what happened to me. I just felt that I should take her to village. Everyone in village told me, while I was searching for my idiot sister that Emilia-tan was cursed! Btw I didn’t saw her that way! Her eyes clearly tells me that she’s suffering and suffocating from inside. She’s finding a way to get out of here. Just how many years these silly villagers are letting this girl live alone on an isolated island. Ive to take her out! I’ll explain to villagers. Ill become her sheild! No one knows btw for me in this world, my sister is everything to me! She saved she should get reward.

“You saved my sister’s life! I’ve to repay you! Please come to village.”

“It’s Luck ! That’s She’s Safe! I Respect Your Offer. But I Can’t Get Out From Her. I’m Sorry.” she said lowly with soft tears in her eyes!

End of Bro’s POV :

HAAWW! what got into my brother! Seriously! Till today he never made me a cup of coffee and now paying ? Repay! What the hell!?

After 3 days of continuously pleading her to come to village she responded to my brother’s words :-

“Look! It’s been three days that you’re taking our care! Please just for once come to village! Village has its own beautifullness. I know! Village people hates you. But I can’t leave a girl whom I love here all alone ….ah! I mean! I can’t just leave a girl alone!” he said so fast that my eyes just popped out looking at my brother’s face.(so red)

“I’m Sure I’ll Be Problematic To Both Of You In Many Ways! ” she cried almost begging.

She agreed to come! Btw we didn’t knew what will happen next…..

As soon as we reached the village via boat! Villagers were waiting for my brother and me! Btw they didn’t expected Emilia to show up! As soon as they recognised her! The anger in their eyes started sparking.

All started questioning about her and slowly a havoc took place.

Why? Why he brought her here! It’s a tabboo……! What the hell he did…… She’s dangerous. Is he gone mad….??

“Let me explain please!” my brother pleaded for an explanation and shielded us.

“Wai—” my brother shouted and there was a blue flash of light!

“Ali gami!! No koto! Shoganin oyone dakara… Ano koto EMILIA ni shieeeneenene! Shiiiiine! ………”

“Stop! Stop! Idiots !!!! Bakaiiirooooo! Stupids!!!!!!! Sto—” he kept on pleading to stop.

But villagers kept on cursing.

After that incident, 2 years have passed and still my brother takes all on himself.

Where one day on our trip to Fuji mountains! He askes for EMILIA ! To their priest! Where he and I discovers that —

Emilia didn’t died cause curse fell on her! She died cause she fell in love ! And she fell in love with none other than ….. Watashino Onii—Chan! Ye! She fell for my brother. My life saver fell in love with my brother who can’t be her life saver. Then too, he never held any grudge against villagers. Cause he was in love with her long ago………

Hellloooooooooo!!!!!! I hope all are doing well!

This week’s story has a bit slice of Japanese culture or atmosphere! I enjoyed writing it !!!😍😍 I hope u’ll also enjoy reading it!!! Btw if u had any other emotions 🤔🤗😄😑😐🙂😊😀😁😪😫😓😕😲🤐😥🙁😧😵😡😠😬😩😨😰😱😤😭😭😢😳😞😞😞then please drop in comment section to let me know! How’s this genre???

Happppiiiiieeeeeee Sunday, Min’Na! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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💫Watashino Onii—Chan💫 | Dream Story 💭 | Winter’s Special Story 💎

Last evening, out of blue, I just suddenly started missing my best friend who might be resting in heaven right now! That twilight hour, it wasn’t daytime nor nightime, memories of past just started flourishing in my mind. The good times; where we laughed and laughed, The bad times, weren’t where we cried, they were when we were scared. Scared? For exams and tired from daily routine! No matter what happens she’s always the one who’s positive! In our group, of three friends,she was Sun. She was light! It’s same, we see the value of people when they’re all gone away from us.

I ran to her grave, come what may. But what I saw was something maybe, it would be better, if I just didn’t saw it. Her grave was open. I could read her name on graveyard plate. It reminds of the time when we joked that we might one day come to graveyard and scare each other at night. I don’t know what happened! I just started crying. Where she might? No! Where her body might be? What just happened? It shocked me till my death. Soon it was all dark. One of the watchman maybe asked me to leave. So I just went to my house, barefoot, crying all the way! I didn’t care about all the glares and complimentary I got all the way home. I was just so out of my mind!

Next morning, I went to school! Although my mood was off! I never wanted to go to that same school where I spent 3 years together laughing and playing around! It’s just so unfair. Places keeps on reminding you your talks, pranks, moments and memories which now I just wept on. Can a miracle happen? Please God! Is what I always kept on praying…….! Last talk I had with her was of visiting school terrace one day! Being for 10 years in SIS we had one dream — to go to terrace and see the whole town on the day of graduation! I spent my whole day wandering moodless. It was almost 5:00pm. Our school cleaners asked me to lock the classroom as I was on duty of taking care of it! 2nd floor workers went to ground floor… I was all alone on our most memorable floor where we ran, laughed, walked, played and maybe cried too!

(Its my real school!)

I suddenly thought of going to terrace as it was unlocked as I noticed! That cabin room! From where one can see whole town! Was my last wish to see her? Whole town…….. As I went to Terrace… It was all silent . You can only hear the chirping of birds, sound of heavy wind and hustle hustle of bellrings…. Out of all sounds I heard a crep voice comin’ from cabin room as I went close I saw a closed where it’s all making weird noise! It startled me. Slowly I went a bit close to it… As I was moving cupboard flash open and I saw a hand. A hand…? Of her! Yeshh! There she was…your eyes always wants to see the person you miss the most! I went to her.. all panicking ! I saw her dead body ,first encounter of seeing a dead body of my own best Friend, was just few months back! I asked her what happened? What’s going on?

She asked me to leave at once! I was all confused and crying. When she opened her eyes. It was all red! She admitted that She has converted into a GHOUL.

I was shocked! Blood was pouring out from her eyes and for most, I can’t wipe them.. I felt useless! Coming back to my senses I just wanted to say to her last time, and I confessed…

Dumbo! I’m I was and I always will be happy and lucky to have an alien an idiotic friend like you! No one can take your special place a soft corner is always just reserved for you!

I felt like taking her to hospital and getting all treatment done! Btw as soon as I touched her she started vanishing from that cupboard! I grabbed her hand and hugged her. She whispered in my ear,“I was always happy!! Wherever u go, make sure to have fun, daffor.

I came to the school ground and watched the beautiful Twilight hour which was so beautiful as if it’s her Good Bye!!

There were tears in my eyes btw of happiness……. She’s a weirdo! I mean, definitely.

Here it’s end of the story! Probably it was a dream too! Thanks for reading! If u reached till here! It’s Like what I thought before going to sleep maybe! It’s all Fiction!

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