Winter Wrap-up✨ | Novels Review 📖| Drawing — Comic Video|A Year On Blog 🎀| 1000 Followers!!! 🎉 | Bye Bye 2018 🎈

Yo’ Holaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Blogfam❤Happppiiiiieeeeeee Sundaeee!🎉 Thankyou so so so much!!!! For New Year’s Present!!!! OMG! I thank to each and every 1000 beautiful souls following me out there! I’m just so happiiiieeeeeeee!💝 Woooohooooooooooooo👑💞💫🎉🎊🎈✨🎆🎇🎁🎀♥💙💚💛💜💝💟 It’s Already Been A Year on Blog! And 1000+ followers means a lot to me! Im trying my very best so here’s aContinue reading “Winter Wrap-up✨ | Novels Review 📖| Drawing — Comic Video|A Year On Blog 🎀| 1000 Followers!!! 🎉 | Bye Bye 2018 🎈”

💫Trapped Encounter💫| Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story💎 (Part 2/2) Final Part🎀

23rd December,2018 8:37 PM With phone’s torched on! A challenge to complete! 5 teenagers trapped in a school in snowy Winter with heaviest snowfall outside! “ONo! Library’s door is unlocked… Why in the world??” I panicked. “I came here. Morning? Yah! I came. ” hermoine informed. “Guys! This ain’t important. ” said Tiya being terrified.Continue reading “💫Trapped Encounter💫| Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story💎 (Part 2/2) Final Part🎀”

💫Trapped Encounter💫|Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story 💎(Part 1/2)

23rd December 2018 5:00 PM “Isn’t her face cutest in the world? When she tries to hide herself from a huge cup of her favourite hot cocoa” I mumbled to myself. Cause Dumbo no one’s more cuter than hermoine — said my mind. “Heyy!! Jacka$$” shouted Jim — my bestie from kindergarten! Waking me upContinue reading “💫Trapped Encounter💫|Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story 💎(Part 1/2)”

💫Pens And Stars💫|Dream Story 💭| Winter’s Special Story💎

Everyone Desires Of Starting Things From A Scratch…..If we adore someone that means their existence does matter in our Life. But the life of Kei was much different than mine. Myself— you’ll come to know my name as we proceed.. “Hey! PC(Pen Collector)” waved Jenny coming towards me where I was sitting with my notebook(laptop).Continue reading “💫Pens And Stars💫|Dream Story 💭| Winter’s Special Story💎”

💫Watashino Onii—Chan💫 | Dream Story 💭 | Winter’s Special Story 💎

Angels die when they fall in love…. That’s what I don’t used to believe… Untill I met her…… “Dare?… Aano? Dare deska? ” (WHO?….WHO ARE YOU?……..) A voice woke me up aside a small beautiful lake. I found myself surrounded by a pretty girl with long hairs, maybe, wearing a swim suit? Firstly, I didn’tContinue reading “💫Watashino Onii—Chan💫 | Dream Story 💭 | Winter’s Special Story 💎”

The Mystery Blogger Award 🏆| Wohhooo 🙌 | Enjoyyyyyy ❤

Happiest Evenings 🎋 Hope all are doing well…… Currently I’m into books(& anime) so any suggestions? I would be glad to hear your recommendations🎗 Also I’m up on a heart wrenching story? Ugh! Seriously Zankhana? (If only excitement level goes up, I could post on blog?) That makes me nervous🤔 Anyways, Here I’m with aContinue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award 🏆| Wohhooo 🙌 | Enjoyyyyyy ❤”

Challenges ✨| Quotes and Lyrics ❤ | Day 2 ❣

Well….. ! Not bad response in a day! Thankyou to the one who read the post 🙂 Here’s day two and the quote is : This is what keeps me going to achieve everything I want in my Life! (Damn! Lotta disattraction and obstacles in Life) All you’ve to do is MOVE ON ! AndContinue reading “Challenges ✨| Quotes and Lyrics ❤ | Day 2 ❣”

Starlit Sea 🌟 | Some Updates | Poem ✍

Starlit Sea!!!!! That Spring Noon, I Sat On A Pinnace, Admiring the beauty of the Starlit Sea! Drowning in the Mirage…. Of My Imagination! Where I just want to Explore!!! Where, I play with flipper Dolphins, & Fly with Beautiful Blue Jay in soaring Sun, Where I’m happy our here… With my messy hairs, dirtyContinue reading “Starlit Sea 🌟 | Some Updates | Poem ✍”

Feelings❤ – Non Living Things | Actual Feelings Holder 👑

_ I guess we should replace ANGELS WITH GIRLS. (In pic👆👆) . IT WOULD SOUND BETTER. Amm??!!! _Does non-living things do have feelings??? I guess no ! !That’s why? They are HEARTLESS! ___________???? HEARTLESS? Oh! Really??? I think! In this fake world! They can listen to you without abrupting you in between. They have PATIENCE!❤Continue reading “Feelings❤ – Non Living Things | Actual Feelings Holder 👑”

Liebster Award 👑 👑 Enjoyed Answering 👅

Yay! I have been nominated for Liebster Award 👑 By A Lovely, Many Award Winning Blogger Winnie Thank You Ma’am.😆 One Visit Won’t let you all down. Surely❤😉 What’s the Liebster Award? : It’s an award in which bloggers nominate other bloggers for showing respect to their works and their dedication. It’s an appreciation andContinue reading “Liebster Award 👑 👑 Enjoyed Answering 👅”