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First of all I would start with one comment I got recently on a picture I clicked and uploaded randomly! And to say the truth, that comment made my day! To realise that someone, somewhere in this world awaits your posts, remembers you means so much !!! It’s beyond words could describe wali feeling! And I’m so thankful for that…

And because of that I’ve decided to start writing daily blogs again and maybe this time giving more updates of all the new things I’ve discovered so far when I was so inactive! And maybe many more insights in my daily life as well…

As… 👀

As… I’ve opted for Bachelor Of Arts Course!! Much more time to the Literature and Arts! To the Community! To The Dead Poets!!! To My Blog-Family!

The only thing I’m confused ;😅

about is if I should continue being selewritesup 😉(meaning; keep posting here😌) OR A new, fresh blog referential to my new beginnings!!! Suggestions are most welcome and appreciated! (TBH, I need help! 😵)

Hey! I’m so happy🥺 if you’ve read this far! For that I’ve a picture of sunflower that I took. From my garden on a Warm Cozy Sunday Afternoon. Enjoy! 😛

PS: I’ve been reading many books! Watching so many new stuffs! And kinda into Dark Academic Culture as well so…it’s a journey worth looking forward too! Also…my web theme is updated! Go and check this site on web now ! 😌🤭😉

Cheers to 1k followers! 🍻




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2 thoughts on “• I’m Confused! | Helllllp! •

  1. So glad to see you’re going to do more. My vote is to stick with this site. It’s who you are. A new beginning is usually a false beginning. It’s just reframing. You’ve done well with this blog and in the couple years I’ve followed you, I’ve seen you grow as a person. If others want to look back, it would be a shame if they couldn’t.

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