Do you’ve enthusiasm to shoulder responsibilities, passion to excel, out-of-box thinking, and a knack for jugaad -know how to spread the word by leveraging campus events more. It certainly takes a leader – someone who can inspire peers, and a marketing genius who has the hunger to do more.

Here I would like to disclose some of the benefits which has proven to be most helpful for students by the live sessions with some amazing entrepreneurs and influencers.

Here I Present you!!!!

Career Talk Show!!!

Supriya Mishra, Engineer Turned To Writer!

Q 1. What do you love about your profession?

Everything. Be it the choice in career diversion, learning from artists or working with new environment. I loved everything about that and I definitely would pick this profession without any regrets.

Some of the tips shared are :-

1. Read, Read, Read!
Reading articles, blogs, books, short stories, news or any type of content be it in English or Hindi, helps maintain the consistent vocabulary.

2. Having a Unique Choice
Picking up literature, in itself is a big and artsy choice. But this field offer wide variety of options as well.

3. Have Patience
One thing about learning and acquiring knowledge is having patience as every piece of knowledge is useful to us for now or for future. Patience is key and an assurance to know you’ll reach where you want to.

4. Learning from the Experienced with their Influence
Being in industry, observing the work progress gives an indirect experience. There is a whole big team of potential people and their hardwork behind the piece of work and it’s production.

5. Hobby turning to profession
It takes a lot of persistence and hardwork but it’s all worth it. A person can never get over the work which he/she loves to do. There might be tiredness but you’d still do it if you love to do and give it all your time.

6. How to find your suitable career line in Literature
Sorting is the key. There are many fields in Literature too. Some go for Poems, blogs, writing books or getting own book printed or in movie-making (i.e, script writing, dialogues writing). There are wide number of options and opportunities out there. You just need to find your specific skill zone and give your best to get full of that career!

Pick out your expertise area, get educated about it, seek experiences (minor or major roles) and set your career boat on sail for a worthy adventure.


Sharing A Career Talk | Tips For Literature Student 📑

Saturday,23rd January 2021,

After a year, I sat in a train….and it went like-(my dad made the drapes shut cause of sunlight and I can’t enjoy the view😑)

On a warm Saturday, I set off on train with my dad to the place where I might be spending my next 3-uh-no 2 years of college for B.A. in Literature!

Sitting in a train, I realized… Before I used to think Air conditioners Coach were only for rich section of society untill I sat and thought I became rich(which was in 6-7th standard idk…) But now I see that it’s available for anyone and everyone and somehow it just took the charm of it ! Nowadays, AC non AC is all the same.

In the train, a little cute boy🥺 gave me a look and turned away and again landed his eyes on me and that made me feel cute in mask too🤭🥰

It feels so good to see the world from moving glass sitting in sunlight sipping hot coffee and E-book! With dad by side! The dingly-dangling stance of train excites me. After having a evening train snack, i.e, cutlet &bread. I stuffed my new airpods into my ears and started reading umm…..Charles Bukowski? No…The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck!

Yep! Let’s go!!!!

And from that I suddenly wanted to hear if anyone has any “negative experience” in their life…do share in comments…

You can’t be an important and life-changing presence for some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others. You just can’t. Because there’s no such thing as a lack of adversity. It doesn’t exist. The old saying goes that no matter where you go, there you are. Well, the same is true for adversity and failure. No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of shit waiting for you. And that’s perfectly fine. The point isn’t to get away from the shit. The point is to find the shit you enjoy dealing with.

Sunday, 24th,2021

The day went so quick. This would be first day of hostel experience of my life.

I woke up at My bui(dad’s sister) made a purrfect breakfast (poha and milk) in the morning which gave an amazing start to the morning! Then we went for some hostel surfing! for college(just for exam purpose) THIS HAS A HUGE CAMPUS! Many colleges together!! FUN FACT: THERE’S A SUBWAY IN FROMT OG MY COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!

*drumrolls hehe.

Had Pav Bhaji as dinner at 6…cause time is from 6-7 only !!! So early 😥 I’m gonna get hungry in the middle of the night lol. Well we can always get snacks from d mart 😚 as I quick shopped today! 😵 Tinkering my life through…this Tinkerbell 💚

I also heard it’s Varun Dhawan’s marriage today😬😬

I’ve Communication Skills exam tomorrow ʘ‿ʘ Wish me luck if you read up till here…!

Let’s pray the upcoming days are better than today 😌😌

Logging off to studies for today… listening to some songs✌🏻

—Selewritesup | 10:40 pm.

Daily Journal | New Experience |

It’s been 3 years to this blog…😱🥳

I gotta stay more active!!!*loud screams…

It’s been dead for sometime…
I hope you all are safe🥺🥺
Rant/Talk/Speak/ in comments if so…

But I promise I’ll be back if there’s still someone reading this genuinely…
Today here I’m with one small Oreo popsicle recipe…!!

Oreo is basically everyone’s favourite!!! No arguments! Sorry-but-not-sorry🤐😛
Here it goes…
Understand the pictures 🤭

Oreo’s n Chocolate! 🍫🍪


Crushed and Creamè! 🍦

Makin’ balls!

Dipin’ in Melted Chocolate! Garnishin’ with Oreo biscuits crush!

Freezin’ and Finalizatin’ !!

Hope you enjoyed this mini recipe I tried today…
Toooooooooo Chocolatey!!! It’s like someone opened a chocolate fountain in my mouth with Oreo’s aftertaste!!!

Must Make!!!
Easy, Fast, Tasty!! Also Thank Me Later😉
Rating it 4.56/5 ⭐s

Do tell me any other short and sweet recipe or your experience down below!!
Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!!!

—Zankhana Goyal

©® Selewritesup


Gooooooodddd Eveninggggggg People!!!!!! I hope this still comes to your feed😱 fingers crossed and some people are still hyped to read!! BTW did anyone miss me? (Guess not! Huh🤔) It’s finally been really longggggg!!!😄😄 I kind of missed interacting with my-kind-of people! Can you believe it’s my first post of the year!😰 While I was away I felt like I was living in a different world! Glad to be Back! As boards comes nearby my urge to write blogs increases!! Why me only , God?? 🤒🤒

Anyways, I’m here for the one who loves to read and explore! And for the efforts of actually opening and reading tho it’s bluffs! 😅😅😅😂😂😳😳

But the topic which I’m going to recite (I wish I could😞) write my poem is pretty interestingg!!🙃 And I’m hoping some creative people might read!😌

First have a look at this 👇

How cute a burger-giver could be!

As we all know , between mid-summer there was this mad craze of Marvel-cum-End Game! I mean seriously people who didn’t watched the other first parts were going mad over it Without knowing about it! 😲😲 The girl who sat beside me while I was watching in full theatre on 3rd day of it’s release Was Crazy! Omg!!! Crazy!!! 😫😫😫😫😵😵 She looked like a College student and was shouting like — Goooo! You can do it! Com’on! Go! And I was like — Yeah! Right! We all know! Now shut up! Goshhhh!!!!

At the end I was like — Please go home and for god’s sake stay at home only!! No offense! It’s just I was so irritated when it was my most anticipated awaited movie of the year! (Tell me you’ll feel me please😭😭😭)

Btw recently only I saw in an video—

A boy was posting all over internet crying as Stan Lee died!! And all unnecessary bluffs! So, one Marvel fan observing him asked him If He knew who Stan Lee was? RIP Marvel fan!He replied — Arrey Vo Mission Impossible ka director na!

Literally even I felt like to shoot that guy! Before/without knowing how can one act so …try to act so cool!??? Huh? 👿🤢🤮 It makes them look fool!



Let’s gooo!!!!!! For poem! Also remind me if I forgot any great good moments! !!! In comments! Let’s never ever forget the creator of Marvel — Stan Lee(for people who don’t know it) and our Special favorite moments! And do tell me if Marvel changed your life? ‘Cause it did Mine! A lot! (FYI: I started watching Marvel movies since last December)


“Aa-a Tony Stank? ”,asked Staaannn Leeee…

Making Tony Stark roll eyes laughinglyyyyy!

When Stan Lee’s favorite boy— our Spidyyyy is
On date with his Girlfriend’s Dad – The Villan, On Plane, On Homecoming…..

When Doc. Strange played with time,

Sitting on the bus laughing was Staannnnn Leee…

“Oh now you crashed our Grandfather” is when Loki talks about Thor destroying Their Grandfather’s Statue!

From Black Panther who won the Money?

Hey! Hey! It was Staaannnn Leeee….

Don’t Say Racoon To Rocket ‘Cause then he’ll ask — “What’s Racoon?

Carol? Up! Captain Marvel looked through the newspaper,

Opps, again it was Staaaannnnn Leeee…

And Finally someone called out Peter *guess what?* Star-lord!!! *Whoo-hooo*

Deadpool got announcements….?

Made by? Made by Staaannnn Leeee!

You know what ain’t funny?
Rhodey’s jokes about War Machines! *No offense*😬😂

Remember who gave Captian America’s Haircut To Thor?( God! That was hilarious)

It was none other than Staannnnn Leeee!

When Goody—Goody Cat scratches Nick Fury’s Eyes and swallows Tesseract!!! Damnnn!!

Going through flashbacks…..

Here, too, in car, we finddd Staaaannnnn Leeee….

Captain America: We need a Plan to Attack!
Ironman[being a philanthropist, a billionaire playboy, smart business man, genius entrepreneur and A Mechanic. But most importantly being Tony Stark!] : I’ve a Plan. Attack! *zoooommm*

When 60’s comes around…. Whose car got shortened?(By Ant-Man)

By mistake it was Staaannnn Leeee’s……..

Captian America: And SMASH👊
Hulk *punches* 👊 (poor) Thor!

And when, you’re happy to see Clint’s no! Hawkeye’s Reback after retiring!!
And when, Quicksilver blows away trying to lift The Hammer of Thor! Poor Scarlett Witch’s Brother! 😭
And when, Ironman complains — “That’s what will happen if you hang out with my ex-girlfriends more!”
And when, Vision lifts Thor’s Hammer…
And when, Black Widow says that her enemy is …“Slightly ok! slightly” intelligent than her!
And when, There’s Avengers VS Avengers and Ironman asks for Rhodey’s Back!

And finally WHEN, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” , Captain America Lifts Mjolnir and Thor demands to have bigger one!😉

—Zankhana Goyal.

Marvel reminded me to laugh, cry Btw more importantly to fight no matter what! Or where! 😌

Seeya all later!!!


Marvel World!!! ⛰ Experiences And Poem! | Most Awaited and Loved Topic of Year!

Helloo Everyone!!!!

Myself Selewritesup! Reporting Here! Alive! It’s been longg actually pretty long!😅 since I posted!! And Very much long that I displayed my Cooking skills which are still Make In Progress!😜

I don’t know that this thing is famous or not in India, but I want my readers and amazing bloggers to try it out and taste something good😉 and let me know your views on it! 🙏

(Just a 10 step recipe !!! Jaldi banao and make your family happy with Ur amazing cooking skill!! I mean if I can make toh you can definitely! )

Btw when I searched it on yt it came with something else!! It’s Asian Recipe so don’t worry!!! No Harm! 🙌

Disclaimer: Contains Egg! 🍳

Let’s Start!!!!

Name: Egg Rolls!

Time: Not more than 10 minutes!

Medium: Easy!😬

Ingredients: 4 Eggs, Half-cup Milk, Salt, Carrots, Green Onions, Onions, Pepper, Vegetable Oil. (Veggies all chopped) 👍


1] Take 4 Eggs:

The egg!

2] Add Milk and Salt (according to taste)

Sorry for low quality!

3] Mix Well! And Purify it!

Oh! Poor me! 😐

After Purification!

4] Add Carrots, Onions, Green Onions and Pepper! And Here we go again, Mix Wellllll!!!

For some reason they look beautiful!😍

5] Get hold of a holding Weapon!🍴 And Obviously Fry-PON🍳 (Lol! They rhyme!🤭🤭)


6] Greece ’em with oil (And kill ’em with kindness…oh yeah..oh yeah…….. . . . Sorry😌)

Fry Pon!

7] Pour Pour Pour!On Fry-PON! 🤐

8] Roll it on one side and Pour Again!! The batter! 🙂

9] Roll ‘n Pour! 🙃

Rolled till end!!

10] After Roll… It’s basically done! So serve!!!!!🙆

It’s my first’ timw making too! It might be too soft!! So cut into pieces after it cools down a little bit!!! Still it looks tasty!!!😍

Done! Dana Done!

Presenting Frid Egg Rolls

*drum rolls*


Comment down any ingredient you would personally add to make it better!😄


Zankhana Goyal

Me And Kooking🍴| Fried Egg Rolls🍳 | Recipe 🍢 | After a longgg!!!

One question or maybe many still I’m unaware of is

How do we recognise our dreams?

How we decide that that particular thing as an individual I would be doing for next 30-40 years of my life? Or maybe more….

My mechanism for identification isn’t working!!!

How? Just some questions!

Yo’ Holaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Blogfam❤Happppiiiiieeeeeee Sundaeee!🎉

Thankyou so so so much!!!! For New Year’s Present!!!! OMG! I thank to each and every 1000 beautiful souls following me out there! I’m just so happiiiieeeeeeee!💝


It’s Already Been A Year on Blog! And 1000+ followers means a lot to me! Im trying my very best so here’s a present drawing and entertainment for my precious blog fam! 👑

My first drawing video it’s a comic story!!!!!

Second one!!!!!!!! BTS army anyone???? U’ll love this!!!!!❤

Anime Character!❤

My Photography❤

One Year🎀

Are my drawings turning bad🙁!?! Do let me know!😅

Nail Love!💅

Comin’ up is next slot(10) of NOVELS I read! 💜 Biding 2018 with completion of 20 Novels! Winter Wrap-up!🎈 Enjoyyyy the reviews!🎀 It’s definitely gonna go longggggg! Kripya fasten your seatbelts!😉

Have a look at first ten!😀 (Crossed 100+ likes already🙆) First 10 Novels!

  • By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept — By Paulo Coelho!

    It was a powerful read,tbh! Library’s full of Paulo Coelho’s books!
    Btw,it ain’t a sad ending😉

Rating 7.0/10

  • Stolen – A letter to my captor — By Lucy Christopher!

Kidnapping someone from an airport seemed kinda Wait What? To me! Btw it was really such a thrill !!! She was probably stolen from Airport! Just cause HE had blue mesmerizing eyes! Crazy,huh? They then escaped to a deserted desert! Where they tries to escape again! He tries to convince her to stay with him! Btw climax is different where she ends up writing a letter to him!

Rating 7.7/10

  • Everything Everything — By Nicola Yoon!

End was a twister,tbh! Like seriously??? How can I mom lie for her daughter! What scared me was…..👇

Btw then, I was like — Picture Novel Aabhi Baki Hai, Zankhana!😂😉

Rating 7.6/10

  • The Ruby Key — By Holly Lisle!

Definitely a thrill! Can be counted in children book Btw was so amazing!!!!!! Like a talking Cat! A mission to complete! To save themselves and their family! A Common enemy! A Perfect Thrill!!!!!!!!!!

Chapters May Excite You!🤷‍

Before The Offering
The Forest By Night
Dinner In Arriender
Tricks And Bargains
The Audiomaerist
…And The Cat
Moon Roading
Doyati’s Worth
The Bard And The Harp(Monster😈)
Danrith Of High Horse
Walking With Doyati
Unlikely Allies
The Kai–Lord
The Cat Comes Back
Desperate Times

Ending Twist is like Beauty And A Beast!

Rating 8.1/10

  • Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul & Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship!


Best Stuffs posted!

Rating 7.3/10

  • Tell Me Your Dreams — By Sidney Sheldon!

Damn The word Thrill!!!! Was super se upar!!!!! Like! Personalities !! Murder!!!! Case – solving!!!!! Btw ending was something I wish not! Cause the main culprit was her own fear from her own — *read and find out* 😛😛 Toni was Rock!!!! 🤗

  • Our Story Needs No Filter — By Sudeep Nagarkar!

I’m absolutely the one not into politics!!!! Btw this all dwells there!!! I just wanted to read books by some Indian writer!!! Not upto my expectations!😐 Can anyone recommend??? It’s a bit too romantic too! Although Jai was my favorite character here! A simple good bestfriend!!!! A friendly book!

Rating 6.0/10

  • Trapped — By Michael Northrop!

It was my Dream to read this from 8th standard!!!lol!!!!! Btw it was pretty amazing!!!!! This is where I got idea to write — TRAPPED ENCOUNTER! although I selected horror! It’s all about 3 friends trapped in a school cause of snow! Btw it becomes adventurous when there are 2 girls too! Btw I never wanted Pete to not see his escape!!!!! He was so willing!

Rating 7.7/10

  • Flawless — By Lara Chapman!

What if u and ur bestie have a crush on a same guy??? And you help ur bestie pursue her crush who is ur crush too! It all dwells here! My classmates is fond of romantic tales! So I read that too! Btw was pretty amazing to read!!!!

Rating 7.5/10

Japanese School Chime on my keyboard played by me!😉

Kitty!!!! In the house !!! I named her His name! — Junhkook!!😂😂😍😍😘😘😘 Cause she does so much mastiiiii!

He’s cute,right??? Korean favo actor!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😆😆

Sizzler Brownie! 😋😋😋😋😋

Did I shared too muchhhhh?????? It’s Been too longggggggg! Let’s talk, people!🙋 Let’s ! make the comments cross 100+ ok? I already shared so many topics! Start with anything! 😆😉 Also it’s my 71st Post!!!!!!!!🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉 Yeshhhh! Will be back with more and more books in 2019😎 Yo! 😛🤓 Don’t forget to check out all winter stories! 😛

Keep Smiling! Keep laughing! And be happy !!!!! Even if 2018 was sad! It was a learning year! ‘ll be back in 2019!

Happy New Year!!2019🎀

Guys!!!!!! It’s a year with TEEN last teen for all our lives! Though not a teen do ENJOYYYYYY this last TEEN YEAR! If a Teen! Hey ! You! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy more a bit! Ok?😆🎈😂🤓😛😀👍👑❤🎉

— Zankhana Goyal


Winter Wrap-up✨ | Novels Review 📖| Drawing — Comic Video|A Year On Blog 🎀| 1000 Followers!!! 🎉 | Bye Bye 2018 🎈

23rd December,2018 8:37 PM

With phone’s torched on! A challenge to complete! 5 teenagers trapped in a school in snowy Winter with heaviest snowfall outside!

“ONo! Library’s door is unlocked… Why in the world??” I panicked.

“I came here. Morning? Yah! I came. ” hermoine informed.

“Guys! This ain’t important. ” said Tiya being terrified.

“Shhh….. It’s a challenge Tiya!” kyre shushed!

“Let me try opening it Jacka$$” smirked Jim.

Jim twitched the notch on the lock of the door which definitely Jack didn’t did.


“Woahh! What The — what kind of noise was that?” shivered Tiya.

“It’s Bagahin!” said Jim.

“Stop that shit! It might be a rat or something” hermoine justified.

Rat?😌” I shushed!

“But why noise came when Jim touched the notch?….”asked kyre!

“Exactly! Haven’t you heard anything about horror movies, hermoineeee?” said Jim angrily.

“ Haven’t You Heard Anything About Coincidences?? Mr.Jim?” hermoine’s tit-for-tat!

I laughed silently.

“Let’s Push It! I’ll show hermoine The Book Of Bagahin And Bagahin!” said Jim revengingly.

“Nothing happens to the one who doesn’t believe in it ok?” said hermoine!

“Let Tiya push it! I heard she joined Weightlifting classes!”i said making the atmosphere a bit calm. I mean trying to make!

“Why would I??? Ask ur own healthy friend Jimmy Jimmy Jim! Huh😏!” said Tiya getting annoyed.

While I enjoyed.🤣🤭

And the door flung open when both Jim and Tiya pushed! There was a heavy sound of wind! Obviously because someone left the window open of library. Zummmmmmm!………Thhhhatttt—

Something moves towards left! (all looks towards left simultaneously) Phew. It’s Nothing. You see. Then again towards front. And starts walking to abonded self of books!

“Wait where’s Kyre?” asked Jimmy.(Jim= Jimmy)

“Here I’m 🙋” Kyre waved from outside the door cause her skirt piece was entangled in doors below locking hook!

“Come in— Kyraaaaaaeeee” screamed Tiya grabbing our attenand then we noticed that library door went locked again with Kyra outside and we four inside.

“Oh Jesus! Ohno! Kyreee!!! I told you guys stop this shitty Challenge! It’s cold already !!! Do you all wanna die! I want to leave Library! No games no challenge! Hermoine understand please!!!!” said Tiya melodramatically.

“Tiya. It’s cold. So door Jammed. Don’t Worry! Kyre, My sister is strong! Ok?” Hermoine explained beautifully👼

“Guys! Look i found the book! Soul Departure BAGAHIN” exclaimed Jimmy joyfully.

“What! Seriously! Thanks for making challenge easier.” said hermoine with a fake smile.

“Mention Not! I only gave you that challenge! And there’s long way to go!!! But but but! I’m leaving!!! Open this book when I leave! Cause If Bagahin Is Out No One Can Control It! ”

“Stop Bluffing! It’s a map book to show where book is Dumbo!”

“Oh! Then Let’s search!😅”

8:58 PM

We got split in finding book! I and Jim! Coward Tiya and Courageous Hermoine. Hermoine herself found the book but didn’t tell anyone! And started reading The Prayers To Call Bagahin.

Aswa! Bushwa! Hum-dum! The Soul Noth Place To Rest! Sha’ Cometh To Myth Bodie! Adrula Porsala Mara! Torsa—

“Hermoine Idiot! I told you first let me out! — you…..”

“See I told ya nothing happens! Let’s Go Back!” hermoine closed the book and started walking towards the door to again puch it but in the midway……


“Hermoine!!!!!!” I screamed so loud that even Kyre might have heard outside!

There was a lots and lots of blood draining out of hermoine’s eyes! Her beautiful and soft cheeks were drained with blood! Her voice first changed to like a man’s voice and then hoarse very hoarse….. Here eyes went black! Suddenly there popped a waterfall of blood from her ears ! And I? Just kept staring her numb,dumb,doomed! I just didn’t know what to do! I never believed in such ethics! Tiya handed me her cross-locket signing I should go to her and help her! I recalled a prayer my mom taught me but at that time I was very small! And my grandpa’s death make me forgot it! Right that time I was all blank! Dumbfounded!

Jim rushed to bookshelf for some something! At least something! Please God! Something! And Suddenly a Horrible looking face started growing from her back of the head! Then small creaks started happening to her face! She was houling and screaming! My tears can’t stop from flowing! Hero definitely has to help and save his heroine,right?

9:00 PM

No sense of fear can be more scary then death

“No sense of fear can be more scary then death.” Read Jim! Taking me back to reality and to act like a hero and not a coward!

It was then she came to knew she had no way to run. Yea! Hermoine! Her Soul isnyet inside her body where now it’s the body of Bagahin too!

“Jack! 2 souls can’t stay in one body!!!” said Jimmy showing pity!

“Do something! Please save her! I beg you please” I pleaded begging!

“She challenged! Not my fault! But ,,— ”

“Are you insane? I thought u were joking! What this shit is ?? Am I dreaming??!”

9:10 PM

“We have to do something!”

I rescued myself from Jim’s arms and ran after hermoine who went out of control! I went to stop her from panicking to yell her I’m there for her Btw hopeless!!!! I…. Still.. there for her…….I pushed the door and it opened shivering Kyra on other side! She saw her sister in that state and her soft sobs turned to huge screaming crying!

“Eventually two souls can’t stay! Soon Bagahin will go mad! Tiya please understand! Leave Library now!”

10:00 PM


Bagahin got crazy in hermoine’s body! All were injured as we all were trying to go close to her and say some prayers so the black soul gets kicked out! From Hermoine’s body! But after a lot of crying and trying I passed out!

7:00 AM,24th December


We sobed more than yesterday and will do so tomorrow too.


and her favourite one’s……. Definitely stays with me……..

I wish she knew how I felt for her……. And I always will feel! Sorry hermoine I can’t save you!………

I’m soooo sorry guys for Taking second part too long!!!!! Was literally got into stuffs like marriage and Exams!!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

So I hope this one everyone likes it and shares it!!! Most worked one on!!!!!!!!! Read the first part here if not read! 👇

Trapped Encounter! Part 1

Do tell me your favourite Winter story or Stories!😂😅

Other Winter Stories by me! 😉

Pen And Stars

Twilight’s Message

Mysterious Cool Boy

Stay tuned for next post it’s next 10 NOVELS review!😄😉

Till then Take Care And I wish you all a merry Christmas! I wish you all a merry Christmas! 🎋🎄🎄🎄🎄🎍🎆🎇✨✨🎉🎊🎈🎁🎀✨🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍾🍷🍻🍺🍹

—Zankhana Goyal


💫Trapped Encounter💫| Dream Story💭| Winter’s Special Story💎 (Part 2/2) Final Part🎀